CUBE, introduce Transportation Blockchain at Korean Society of Transportation

Cube Intelligence

Lee, Bong-Hyoung, a chairman of Cube Intelligence, attended the Korean Society of Transportation( on March 8 and proposed a Korean public transport integration platform using blockchain technology. On this day, the discussions about MaaS (Mobility as a Service), which is a public transport integration platform, have been actively conducted, and it is already being utilized as a means of using various public transportation in Belgium and Germany. Lee pointed out that the government - led integrated platform could degrade the efficiency and proposed that the blockchain platform for operators and passengers to connect directly and connect other transportation. In this regard, Hwang, Gi-yeon. Professor of Hong-Ik University, said that instead of making cheaper public transportation, the data that citizens provide unknowingly can be used as a subsidy for transportation costs.

Lee, Bong-hyong, chairman of the company, added we need a blockchain platform for automobiles and transportation, and that Cube is building the core of such a transportation blockchain.

(source from News on 9th march


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