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March 8th 2018

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London, UK (March 8th 2018) - CUBE Intelligence are excited to announce that CUBE (AUTO) will be listing on HitBTC, one of the leading global cryptocurrency exchange. HitBTC, the most advanced cryptocurrency exchange with more than $290 Million trading volume on average, is operated by HIT Solution Ltd and based in Hong-Kong. 

With the HitBTC listing, Cube expects a wide group of people in the global cryptocurrency market to have access to the Cube's AUTO coin, and hope that more people will be interested in Cube's project on this occasion.

The listing is expected in mid-March, and the exact date will be announced soon through CUBE website and Cube social media.

About CUBE

CUBE Intelligence aims to be at the forefront of ensuring the security of autonomous vehicles via blockchain technology. Autonomous vehicle tech is rapidly improving, bolstered by key players in Silicon Valley competing to be involved in an extremely lucrative business. Safety is the main concern for most, for the vehicle to get from point A to point B without an accident. Thus, extensive research and work is continuously pursued to sway public opinion in favour of a driverless future.

Ensuring safety to the public is the next logical step. The centralized hub will bridge individual self-driving vehicles, and potentially connects to users’ electronic devices for personalized experience. With these elaborate sharing of data, malicious attacks are not only a threat, but a highly probable scenario. Multiple analysis highlighted how facile for hackers to gain access to the vehicle’s control functions, which may consequent in fatal consequences.

The threats posed are not solely on the passengers’ physical safety, but on their privacy as well. Attempts to steal GPS data or insert a virus to the remotely applied software updates are a possibility that risks both the manufactures as well as the passengers.

CUBE utilizes blockchain to develop a software platform that guarantees maximum security by nullifying these threats. Their OTA (Over The Air Market) technology, Version 1.0 set to release this year, is the first step towards making this a reality. The OTA software, based on blockchain, allows vehicles to be remotely monitored, diagnosed and updated securely. Following the launch of the OTA technology, CUBE plans to integrate an Artificial Intelligence that learns and adapts the technology to block all possible threats of the hackers.

With the involvement of multiple folds of new and exciting technologies, there is no doubt on CUBE’s early success and its ability to capture the public.


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