PRESS RELEASE: CUBE Intelligence Announces Public Sale Date Change

London, U.K. - February 9, 2018 - CUBE Intelligence, a startup positioning themselves to be the leaders in autonomous car security using blockchain, had planned to still be marketing their ICO Pre-Sale right now. However, rather than the Pre-Sale lasting until the February 15th deadline, this token sale sold out in just three hours.

So why all the intrigue over a company thought up over a cup of coffee in Christmas 2016? The project was thought up by Dr. Bong Lee (founder of GreenCar, the leading car-sharing company in Korea) and Dr. JS Lee (a physician studying blockchain technology since 2015) and was launched shortly after.

It’s no secret that commonplace autonomous transportation is no longer a matter of if but when. With many cars already relying on self-driving features, people are beginning to look beyond the safety concerns and more to the security of the vehicles. The threat of hackers maliciously infiltrating autonomous car networks is very real and, if they were successful, there could be fatal consequences.

Over the last few years blockchain has emerged as a standard in secure data transmission and record keeping, being developed and integrated into a growing number of industries worldwide. CUBE has joined the revolution and is leveraging blockchain technology to secure autonomous car networks and are working to commercialise the technology before autonomous cars are the norm.

Currently, autonomous vehicles and even vehicles with autonomous features are being recalled due to bugs in the software, with some customers even having to foot the bill for certain software updates. CUBE OTA (Over-The-Air Market) technology using blockchain will be able to remotely provide bug fixes and software updates securely, saving the consumer time and money and giving the customer and vendor piece of mind. This technology is expected to be used soon and not just on new, autonomous cars but on older vehicles, as well.

What makes this an even more interesting project is that CUBE will integrate a cryptocurrency into the automotive industry to be used for gas station payments, car purchases and mechanic payments as just a few examples, with CUBE coins also functioning as a typical cryptocurrency, giving token holders the ability to trade their CUBEs on exchanges.

Finally, CUBE token owners of autonomous vehicles will generate driving information whilst traveling and will receive tokens in exchange for the data. Automobiles will exchange their data as nodes, and the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) who need this information will purchase it by providing automotive services and/or products in exchange for the token. Data consumers can also become data providers, providing OTA services or autonomous car driving support information in exchange for tokens. This circulation of the CUBE tokens is a key principle in this new and unique cryptocurrency.

CUBE Intelligence is not a simple cryptocurrency company. CUBE is proud to be the leading company in applying blockchain technology to the automotive industry and they are excited to be working at the forefront of technology to make the world a safer place. 

CUBE will be launching their first Public Sale on February 12th (four days earlier than the originally announced date) and the response is expected to yet again be massive. Create your account today at to get ready for the upcoming sale and follow them on their social accounts (they have a Twitter, Facebook & Instagram, as well as a few others) for announcements about this exciting upcoming ICO sale.



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