CUBE Speech & VIP Members Meeting at Dubai Blockchain Summit 2018

On January 8, 2018, Cube's Chairman Lee Bong Hyeong and his team members held their first foreign event in Dubai.
At Dubai International Blockchain Summit, many innovative ICO startups such as HOQU, Kairos, and Pundi X and blockchain technology-based companies participated. It was a networking opportunity to showcase their company and share ideas about the future with the new blockchain technology. Lee, Bong Hyeong introduced Cube's roadmap, vision, and Cube’s business model. He started with an increasing number of the autonomous car market and emphasized blockchain-based security platform is the key to the commercialization of autonomous vehicles. Dr. Lee also had a chance to share his ideas and opinions about blockchain through discussion with the CEOs of the several famous blockchain companies. Many experts, professors, and companies related to blockchain technology visited the Cube booth with great interest in our platform. Through Dubai International Blockchain Summit, Cube's business model and vision were widely spread across the UK and East Asia. 

To watch the video :


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